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A Slideshow of our Birds in Brasil

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pigeons in Poços de Caldas

Pigeons have never been noted for being colourful or exotic but they have been among us for a long long time. Back in Toronto they were replaced on a grand scale by gulls which are cleaner looking but equally as bothersome.

I was surprised when I reached Brasil to find all those pigeon from Toronto had come here. *SMILE*.

Here we see an elderly lady feeding her friends in front of the Basílica Nossa Senhora da Saúde in Poços de Caldas. Notice they are all over her. What a site!

After she fed the pigeons she headed towards the church door. They went with her.

The pigeons escorted her up the stairs.

She headed towards the door. The pigeons followed her.

Here she is at the door with all her retinue in tow. Will the pigeons go into the church too? They have fed their bellies now maybe they need to feed their soul!

Yes! There she goes inside and the pigeons go in with her. What a comical sight! Hallelujah! All God's Creatures . . . . . .

I followed them in to see where they would go. The interior of this cathedral is quite lovely. I looked around and couldn't find either the old lady or the pigeon's. Maybe they left by a side door. Here are a couple photos of the inside of the church.

Here is the outside of the Basílica Nossa Senhora da Saúde. It is a copy of a church in Belgium. It was built in 1937 and 1954. Quite a lovely building.
For more information about the Basílica Nossa Senhora da Saúde go to:


Of course pigeons are found all over town. Here are a couple photos of pigeons on the lawn in front of the Palace Hotel.

Photos by Urso Branco


  1. These pigeons are wonderful.

  2. Yes, they are ALL God's creatures.

  3. Lots more Bird Photos will be here soon.