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A Slideshow of our Birds in Brasil

Friday, September 28, 2007

Cat Tail

This beautiful bird is recognized by its large tail and how it uses that tail. When it lands the tail goes straight up just like a cat. Some times when it is walking around it does the same thing. Hence the name, Cat Tail. It is most predominate. They average about 12" in length including the tail. Now that Spring has arrived we see many of them in Águas da Prata.

When they fly their tail spreads out to reveal magnificent white and black tail feathers as seen here.

Usually I see them one at a time. But today I saw two together and a third close by.

They were not as timid as some birds. I was about 4 or 5 meters away and used the telephoto lens to get these photos.

Whatever they were looking for these two searched for it together.

But this one was nearby, about three meters away, hunting too.

They searched for quite some time.

The couple did not seem to worry about the third CatTail because he kept his distance.

These were seen in the the Praça Basílio Ceschin in Águas da Prata We often see them around our house too.

Photos by Urso Branco

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