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A Slideshow of our Birds in Brasil

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little Dark Blue Birds

There are dozens of these Blue birds in the square only half a bock from our house in Águas da Prata. They are so dark they look black.

We see them walking on the streets. They are ground feeders. I don't know their name but they just arrived last week in early September.

Here you see them walking in the street.

I don't know what they find but they keep searching.

They gather around this area in a flock of 20 or 30.

I have been trying to get a really good photo of them but they never stand still.

In this photo you get a good idea of the relative size of them.

You can compare them with the sparrows here.

They really look black.

Here you see one in the park.

He was kind enough to stop and pose for me.

I am amazed to see how many there are around town. It takes a certain light to see they are actually blue, but they sure do look black to me most of the time.

Photos by Urso Branco

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