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A Slideshow of our Birds in Brasil

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mourning Doves

This is the familiar Mourning Dove like we have in Canada. There are lots of them in Águas da Prata with their haunting and mournful cry.

They have two sizes here. They have the same colour and markings yet the second kind is almost twice the size of this one shown here.

This one is perched in a tree.

We see them in many places such as this one on the power lines. But this particular one is the large variety. Apparently they are common on farms where they eat lots of corn and grow big.

This pair were spotted on as roof top.

These are two young doves with lighter colouring.

Are you taking my photo again?

I am beautiful aren't I?

A common resting place.

Sometimes they visit the park.

A stroll in the park can be quite pleasant.

From up here I can watch everything that is happening.

Photos by Urso Branco

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