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A Slideshow of our Birds in Brasil

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sanctuary - Poços de Caldas

This is an exotic crowned crane of the family Gruidae, a Balearica pavonia from Africa. It is sometimes referred to as the Paradise Bird. Crane fossils have been found that are 40 million years old.

In December 2003 we visited a Bird Sanctuary in Poços de Caldas at the invitation of the Guarda Verde (Green Police) They are equivalent to Canadian Game Wardens, responsible for the forests, the birds and the animals in and around Poços de Caldas.

We have here a series of photos we took that day showing exotic and extremely rare birds. Some will surprise you.

Urso Branco poses inside the Sanctuary with Descio on my right and Afonso on my left. They were our guides throughout our visit.

What is a sanctuary without peacocks eh?

There were many birds that I didn't known their names.

These were the most exotic birds in the sanctuary. Here are three photos of them.

Do you recognize them?

They are Canada Geese! *SMILE*

Many more photos here will have no comment.

Our daughter Lucia, the vetrinarian, talks with Afonso and Descio.

See the Tapir in the background?

This large pond serves as a pool for many birds of many species.

This is another extremely rare and exotic bird. It is, of course, a North American Turkey.

Afonso has some sport with an Ostrich.

Judy says hello to a Paradise Bird or
Balearica pavonia, a crane.

Afonso talks to the Ostriches.

One Ostrich talks back.

He comes in for a close look.

This sanctuary also has several animals living there, such as the Tapir. It is a wonderful place to visit and we are thankful in having had the priviledge of visitng all the facilties in this sanctuary as a guest of the Guarde Verde.

Photos by Urso Branco

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